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PLEASE read the 2017-18 Partnership Allocation Program Guidelines prior to contacting Kawarthas Northumberland staff to discuss your project.

Our Partnership Allocation Program turns five this year, and has seen its fair share of growth and change over the years. With feedback from our tourism partners, industry colleagues, and the Ministry, we are excited to launch this year’s program.

We’re preparing for our most successful year yet. Our goal is to collaborate with more partners to deliver projects that increase tourism, awareness, and marketable experiences across the region.

Upon approval of our annual budget and business plan, we will be leveraging a total of $214,000 for partnership projects. $114,000 is allocated from the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport, with an additional $100,000 dedicated from Kawarthas Northumberland’s core budget.

Partnership projects that have multiple partners and/or have a cross-regional focus will be given preference. Think of other business owners that you could work with to expand your project. Explore partner opportunities to enhance your offerings. Create marketable experiences that are complete packages to highlight a number of wonderful things the region has to offer. By working together we can give people a reason to come, stay, and spend.

Partnership Program Guidelines/Applications can be found below.  Applications are being accepted now, and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until available funds have been allocated to approved projects.

Projects cannot receive approval or begin until our business plan and budget have received Ministry approval.

This year, we will also be working to create specialized partner opportunities to offer throughout the year. They will be posted here, and also communicated out via our industry eNewsletter and our RTO8 Facebook page. The link to sign up for our industry newsletter is here.

These special opportunities may include:

  • photography and videography packages
  • marketing campaigns (e.g. cycling, culinary, brews and fishing in publications such as Food & Drink, Ontario By Bike, Ontario Out of Doors, CAA)
  • experiential development learning opportunities (Edge of the Wedge, one-on-one consultations with industry experts)

If you have other project ideas that would benefit from getting a group of partners on board to invest in, develop, and benefit from, let us know!  We can help spread the word, connect you with the right people, and work to make it a reality. This could be anything from expensive print advertising campaigns, to commercials, to creating a new tour. We’re always looking for ideas and would love to know what you have an interest in.

Project categories/elements are similar to last year with the following changes:

  • Clearer verbiage for Experience Development/ Enhancement projects. These are typically large-scale projects in the planning stages (strategy and marketing plans, feasibility studies, experience development consultations), market research studies, or large-scale tourism products such as bike-share programs and tour development.
  • Addition of website enhancements and website development under External Marketing.
  • Addition of consumer tradeshows under External Marketing. Tradeshows must align with our key focus areas, and the eligible expense for partnership is limited to the registration fee.
  • Opening up Translation Services to include any language that is relevant to your visitor.
  • Addition of the requirement that Wayfinding Signage projects must be multi-partner initiatives and/or support the navigation and promotion of at least 10 tourism-related businesses, services, or points of interest.
  • Addition of the following supported memberships: Festivals & Events ON, Ontario Motor Coach Association, Travel Media Association of Canada, and Culinary Tourism Alliance (formerly OCTA)
  • Addition of the Workforce Development & Training category to help support the delivery of workshops and training initiatives. This is to develop skills across the region that would have a positive impact on tourism and/or visitor experience.
  • Addition of partner requirement that they must have an online presence – current website and active social media profile(s).
  • Removal of the restriction of the number of applications that a partner can submit.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an idea for partnership, please contact Marie Lummiss, Operations Coordinator, at 705-874-8505 or


Application Forms:

General Application Form – Use this application form for Experience Development/Enhancement, External Marketing, Translation, Wayfinding Signage, Photography/Videography, and Workforce Development & Training projects.

Memberships Application Form

Special Projects/Opportunities:

GMIST Edge of the Wedge Course (October 2017 and April 2018)