The Butter Tart Tour Introduces Arts ‘N Tarts!

Things are getting artsy on Ontario’s biggest Butter Tart Tour. Last year, to celebrate Canada’s 150th, the bakers put together a signature line of Canadiana Collection butter tarts, including combinations of legendary (and controversial) proportions like the Nanaimo Butter Tart, the S’more Butter Tart, and the Trudeau Butter Tart.

With all these creativity happening in their kitchens, it seems the bakers have caught a bit of an artsy inclination. 2018 partnerships are sprouting up with local artists, studio tours, and arts and music festivals. The bakers have come together to celebrate the arts, dubbing 2018 the year of “Arts ‘n Tarts.” Another collection of signature tarts is in development, some in close collaborations with local artisans (= tartnerships).

Throughout the month of January, we held industry meetings with the Butter Tart and Arts communities, to gauge feedback and start the ideas flowing for artsy butter tart inspirations.

If you would like to learn more or participate in Arts ‘N Tarts, contact Sarah Kerr at:

Sarah Kerr
Partner Communications Coordinator
RTO8Kawarthas Northumberland
175 George St. N. Peterborough, ON K9J 3G6
Office:  705-874-8505 x 102 
Mobile:  905-376-2964