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Get Inspired and Inspire Others! Tactical, Practical Solutions to Prepare for 2021 

2021 will require our collective talents, creativity, and ideas to continue to adapt to COVID-19. To help fast-track your thinking, get insights from others, and share ideas, RTO8 is offering nine different Ideas Labs with speakers from 5 provinces, in February and March. 

Each topic showcases innovative solutions on how businesses are tackling the pandemic. Everyone participates in the discussion, everyone takes away tactical, practical ideas. This offer is available, for free, for any businesses within the Kawarthas Northumberland region.  

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1. Focus on the Lifetime Value of Your Customers, Brenda Hetman-Craig, 40 Knots Winery, BC

Diversify your product, focus on the local market, build back better – we’ve heard it all and every business is doing their best to learn from 2020 and stage for their success in 2021. One company that has focused on the lifetime value of their customers, and cultivating new customers, is poised for the short-and long-term growth of their company. Join Brenda Hetman-Craig, Co-Owner of 40 Knots Winery in British Columbia, to gain insight into how a steady, strategic flow of new product offers and targeted infrastructure investments continues to serve their loyal customers while cultivating new lifetime customers.

April 7th @ 2:00 -3:00 pm

2. A Coalition of the Willing: Ian Stone, Tour Gros Morne

Risks, rewards, reality. As we head into 2021 with hope and uncertainty, tourism businesses continue to look into the crystal ball and decide where to invest their time, money, and human resources to optimize the year ahead. Join Ian Stone, owner and operator of Tour Gros Morne and Taste of Gros Morne who have taken the bold niche step to invest significantly in their business, and their strategy for growth by working with the ‘coalition of the willing’ within their community.

April 12th @ 3:00 -4:00 pm

3. Rethink Your Value Proposition for Domestic Guests: Ric Dreidger, Churchill River Canoe Outfitters, SK

Discover how reassessing what is truly valuable to your customers, a change of attitude, and redesigning your experiences helped Churchill River Canoe recover from a 95% loss in business and restage for the future. Join Ric Driedger, a 45-year tourism veteran from Saskatchewan as he shares lessons learned in reassessing and changing key design elements of their visitor experiences to attract the local markets while setting the stage for the return of future international guests.

April 19th @ 3:00 – 4:00 pm


Past Topic Summaries:

Topic 1: Welcome Signals Impacting the Visitor Experience

Topic 2: Costing and Pricing in Covid Times

Topic 3: Creative Outdoor Space for Combatting Covid-19

Topic 4: Cultivating Customer Loyalty, a Customer’s Lens

Topic 5: Identifying New Sales Channels to Attract New Customers

Topic 6: Attracting Small Groups Through Adapting Your Offer

Topic 7: Covid-19 Business Adaptations that Will be Sustained in 2021

Topic 8: Revamp Your Covid Offer: Concept, Price, Capacity 

Topic 9: Driving Itineraries – Let’s Get Moving

Topic 10: Staying Alive! Turning a Festival into a Food Hike (coming soon)