July 2 2020 Update from TIAC

Thank you for your continued readership of TIAC’s COVID-19 updates. As the pandemic’s effect on our economy and way of life continues, TIAC continues to adapt its communication channels to keep the industry up-to-date with relevant information and announcements that are critical for businesses across the sector.

As always, we would like to recognize and thank TIAC members for their unwavering support of the association during these difficult times. We look forward to providing you with the information you need throughout this period, and as always we welcome your ideas and feedback at all times. Stay safe and stay well!

Dear Tourism Stakeholders,

The TIAC Team is pleased to provide you with this update on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, including the steps government is taking to address the situation. We are working hard to make sure the industry’s voice is heard by government, and that you have the information you need to keep your business going in these uncertain times.

Please find the latest updates on official announcements and a recap of TIAC’s advocacy work on behalf of Canada’s Visitor Economy:

TIAC’s Advocacy Update

  • TIAC has launched an in-depth industry survey that will cover the use of government support programs to obtain much-needed data to Government in order to address support for the visitor economy.
  • While TIAC understands that multiple requests for surveys may feel burdensome on industry, we must continue to collect quantifiable data about your businesses in order to show government the continued need for sector-wide support. Relying on anecdotal information does not meet government requirements to address gaps in the system. As such, we need to ensure we have a reasonable response rate to ensure we get government attention on these important issues.
  • 👉 Take the survey now
  • Today, the TIAC President & CEO participated in a call with Canada’s Tourism Roundtable, where TIAC continues to work with sector leaders on a safe reopening of Canada’s inter-provincial borders.
  • Tourism HR Canada’s latest labour market data has been released, showing that following a decrease in tourism employment of 881,700 in March and April, tourism employment increased in May by 83,900.
  • All provinces saw increases, with the exception of Saskatchewan.

Read more and subscribe to their bi-weekly newsletters here.

Government Announcements 

  • There have been no new government press conferences on COVID-19 since Monday, but here are a few select announcements pertinent to the tourism sector:
  • Canada is extending the ban on most foreign travellers until at least July 31, 2020.
  • The ban applies to everyone who is not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or American travelling for essential purposes.
  • The exceptions for air crews, diplomats, and immediate family members of citizens as well as some seasonal workers, caregivers, and international students still apply.
  • Similarly, the mandatory 14-day self isolation rule for returning travelers is also being extended.
  • Canada has made the list of 14 countries that the EU have deemed safe to allow non-essential travel from in July. EU will review the list every two weeks and update travel protocols accordingly.
  • Announcements were made Tuesday by the mayors of Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga announcing the move to mandatory use of masks/non-medical face coverings in all indoor spaces.

It is expected such announcements will continue to roll out across many regions – keep appraised of local announcements and how this will impact your business.

In Case You Missed It … 

  • TIAC’s latest letter writing campaign is ongoing, and we need your help reaching politicians across Canada to send the message that #TourismCounts. We need support now.
  • Visit ca and click “Send Your Letter” to ask your MP to support the tourism industry through COVID-19 recovery efforts.

We ask business leaders to also encourage their staff and suppliers to send a letter as well – we need everyone to lend a voice to our message!

Resources for Businesses 

Our partners at Tourism HR Canada have opened their Emerit courses and created a resource hub for sector businesses.

Looking Ahead – COVID-19 Recovery

Several provinces have begun announcing plans for reopening economies. Timelines and actions vary, but can provide businesses and workers with information on what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months. TIAC is following up on measures announced by British Columbia to limit gatherings of more than 50 people and seeking a coordinated approach between provinces in the recovery phase. We have reached out to our provincial counterparts to work together in an effort to create an orderly recovery strategy that will address health concerns and support tourism businesses. TIAC will continue to add links to provincial recovery plans as they become available:


Keep Your Employees & Customers Safe

In addition to following your provincial and municipal/regional health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, ensuring you’re equip with proper PPE is now crucial to many of our sector’s operations.

TIAC’s newest member, Safe Direct is offering special member savings on PPEs.

Safe Direct Medical Supplies (Safe Direct) is one of the largest PPE suppliers in Canada and have taken the initiative to offer affordable, high-quality, and reliable PPE to Canadians.

For more info and to access the Special TIAC Member Code click here.

Email Updates Archived
New information is being shared at a rapid pace and we know it can be overwhelming. If you think you may have missed something, head over here to see all our communications that we’ve released so far:


TIAC continues to represent your interests with government officials and decision-makers throughout this crisis. Please stay safe and let us know what more we can do to help.