Business Spotlight

“Attending the IGNITE program in April 2017 opened my eyes to how experiential tourism is created and how it could elevate my business. The activities I experienced, the brainstorming and the education were the beginning of a new journey. It laid the foundation to understanding how to make a profound positive change. I was provided direction in follow up calls and ways to partner with other local businesses rather than trying to do it all myself. The following year I gradually ramped up business…partnering with Haute Goat Farm and Laveanne Lavender Farm. I then attended the GMIST Edge of the Wedge (through RTO8’s Partnership Allocation Program) which led to another business evolution transforming my half day practice into a suite of services including a 2 and 3 day retreat.
I was so impressed with the outcome of the GMIST program that I invested further, with the support and encouragement of RTO8, in a coaching program with The Tourism Cafes‘ Nancy Arsenault (also done through our Partnership Allocation Program). Through the guidance of Nancy, I will be launching a new experience in early June and have developed a partnership with a local business to create a personalized signature essential oil complete with my logo available for my guests.

The last 2 years have been a transformative journey for my business thanks to this experiential tourism training and the continued support of Brenda Wood and all the RTO8 team.”

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