RTO8 Tourism Relief Fund FAQ’s

Please read through the Application Guide and the Tourism Relief Fund webpage carefully before referencing the FAQ’s. These questions are subject to update and change.

Applicant Eligibility 

Only one application per incorporated business/organization is permitted to apply for funding. 

Funding is intended for projects that meet the spirit of the guidelines and applications for the RTO8 Tourism Relief Fund. Please review the applications and guidelines to determine if your project is eligible. Please contact RTO8 directly if you still have questions.

No. Applicants are allowed to submit one application only. We recommend you combine your projects into an umbrella project with multiple components and outline each clearly in your project description. 

No. The Tourism Relief Fund is for expenditures for facilities/services that require the visitor and tourism employees to attend in order to experience or service the product/experience.

Eligible Activities and Costs

No. The RTO8 Tourism Relief Fund has established these funding requirements. An applicant can only apply for the funding as it is shown- Between $25,000 and $100,000.

Please produce a listing of the estimated/quoted cost using the format below, if all expenses occur between April 19, 2021, and December 31, 2022, they are considered eligible. Please remember that the project must be completed by December 31, 2022. 

Example of List:

Purchase Date          Supplier Item         Purchased Cost before tax          Proof of Payment 

Yes. Please get copies of documents/receipts/invoices before submitting your Final Report, failure to provide proof of purchase and payment will prevent you from receiving funds.

Yes, but only for the portion not already covered by the wage subsidy. Up to 50% of this portion may be covered.

If the other government funding received for your Tourism Relief Fund project is not from FedDev Ontario, you are able to make use of other funding to put towards the specified activities contained in your funding application. However, any of these received funds cannot overlap with Tourism Relief Funds (i.e., you cannot ‘double dip’). Any violations in relation to these criteria will result in automatic cancellation of your application and may require your business to pay back awarded Tourism Relief Funds and/or require legal action to be taken. 

Application, Evaluation, and Rewarding

We recommend that you do not expend any funds prior to reviewing all documentation, and if your project is accepted and you have signed the Contribution Agreement. Note that reimbursement of this intake will not occur until sometime in July and August for the first instalment of 50%. 

A business/organization is “led or majority led” if an individual and/or group is: 

• Owning 50% or more of the business/organization; or 

• Having long-term control and management of the business/organization, contribution of capital and an active role in both strategic and day-to-day decision making. 

Evidence & Documentation

Yes, you should note in your application if a permit, inspection or license is required from any governing or regulating body for any aspect of your project. You may still submit your application, but funding will not be allocated until proof of those approvals are submitted. Note: the deadline is December 31st, 2022, for project completion.

Any other Questions? 

Please contact brendawood@rto8.com  if you require clarification.