Destination Canada Marketing Tips

This video series by Destination Canada is designed to help Canadian tourism business get the most out of their marketing efforts, reach travellers and remain competitive. The quick tutorials feature Destination Canada team members sharing their expertise.

Episode 1 – Creating Video for YouTube

Learn how to get creative with YouTube videos and build your business with Destination Canada’s Creative Lead, Adam Brownfield. This short guide will help you maximize your screen time with the audience in mind, focusing on storytelling, production, branding and more.

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Episode 2 – On-Page SEO

Demystify on-page search engine optimization and improve your organic search ranking with tips from Destination Canada’s Meghan Chapman. This short guide, second in our series, is geared towards making on-page SEO part of your daily strategy and will help you amplify your content in a few simple steps.


Episode 3 – Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words and with this video, we hope a thousand likes, too! In the third installment of our six-part Marketing Tips & Tricks series, join Kate Wright, Social Media Cultivator, as she explores four ways to make Instagram work for you.


Episode 4 – Making Paid Media Work

Paid Media can help you quickly and effectively reach new audiences. In our next installment of the Marketing Tips & Tricks series, Join Alex Luong, Paid Media Manager at Destination Canada, to learn how YouTube, Facebook, and Google Search can align with your consumer journey to drive the best results. For more information on the platforms mentioned, please visit the links below:

• YouTube:
• Facebook: 

• Instagram:

• Google Search:


Episode 5 – Public Relations 101

A great piece of media coverage can help build awareness for your business and reach new customers. But it all starts with a great story—that’s the secret to working with media. Follow along as Liz Sperandeo, Media & Public Relations Strategist, shares tips on how to create a story pitch, as well as best practices for working with media so your brand can get the coverage it deserves.


Episode 6 – Good Data Matters

Find tips on how to make better informed marketing decisions using your website data with Destination Canada’s Jacob Pope. This short guide will cover how to track your website performance, why it is important, and how to turn your data into actionable goals.